United States of America; 25 June 2014: The recording industry places the least importance with those that are under privileged. While the rich and the influential can make their way into the recording industry with or without the talent required, the under privileged can hardly have their music recorded. Sean Grimes is a teen musician who wants to come up with album of his own. His new project or album consists of ten or twelve songs. People who are underprivileged are not admitted by the recording industry which keeps them from showcasing their talents. Such talents remain ever hidden as they do not get opportunity required to show themselves. The website is dedicated to raising funds for Sean Grimes, the underprivileged teen, who wants to record ten or twelve songs to create an album which is his new project. The website raises funds on Kickstarter, a website offering platform for new and creative projects, so that the album by the artist can be recorded. 

Sean Grimes is under privileged but gifted at the age of eighteen or less. At such tender an age it is not just difficult but impossible as well to arrange for the huge funds required in order to get an album that consists of about ten or a dozen songs recorded. The recording industries have least to do with quality and talent and more to do with money so that any individual having strong financial resources can get his songs recorded without hassles. It becomes a little difficult for those who are not sound financially because there is least contribution made by the industry to the development of artists

Kids, even when they have the talent, do not have the option to bear the cost of a full length recording for a complete music album which should be radio ready. The project is dedicated to offer aid in doing a full length recording of the entire album composed by Sean. It is also meant to help this underprivileged teen etch a career in song writing and productions. The songs composed by Sean have much in common with the songs from the 1990s in terms of the stylistic considerations. The project on Kickstarter calls for the interested individuals to offer financial aid to Sean Grimes and help him come up with a recording for his album. The rock and grunge composed by this young artist shows influences from Nirvana. His music evokes the period and blends it with the modern styles and manners. 

The project should start in September and would be released in early December. The video along with the promotion of the album has been scheduled for January 2015. 

About Soundwaves Artist Discovery Project: 


Soundwaves Artist Discovery Project offers a fund raising campaign on Kickstarter to aid in recording a music album by a young and underprivileged teen, Sean Grimes. The songs resemble the 1990s’ rock and grunge in their stylistic considerations. For details, visit the website.