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Home and business stays warmer for less thanks to Pure Heater Hire

Milton Keynes, United Kingdom, December 29th, 2010 Heater hire service Pure Heater Hire (www.hireheaters.co.uk) is delivering a cost effective heating option across the United Kingdom with its portable electric heaters. The heaters, which can be moved around a home or office location according to necessity, are enabling British home owners and small businesses to keep their heating bills down despite the astonishing cold snap we have been experiencing now for nearly two months.

The heaters supplied by Pure Heater Hire are all state of the art, highly efficient modern electric models, which have been built to deliver maximum heat for minimum energy usage. A spokes person for the company pointed out the energy difference between using a central heating system turned up full and using the portable heaters supplied by the heater hire company.

The spokes person reflected that if central heating is put up too high, then customers will find that more money is spend than naturally. Past a certain point the central heating system is not efficient. Using portable electric heaters to bring your heating system up to speed is much more efficient.

So for an environmental and wallet friendly option this New Year, try a hired portable electric heater. Pure Heater Hire has heaters ranging from 1.5 KW all the way up to 2.8 KW, allowing homes and businesses alike to get the maximum efficiency for their premises size and the amount of heat they actually need.

All of the portable electric heaters supplied by Pure Heater Hire are regularly tested and maintained, and are supplied with test certificates. The company is happy to advise customers on the best kit for their rental requirements, and is offering reduced rates for long term leases. Customers looking for more information can contact the company directly through its website or call a customer service representative to make an inquiry.

About Pure Heater Hire

Pure Heater Hire is a UK based heater hire company offering a wide range of portable electric heaters on hire for domestic and commercial purpose throughout London and the UK.


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