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It is never too late to start becoming aware about the health. Some of the common habits people take are regular exercise, proper diet and sleep. Aside from these, monitoring the health can also be possible through the body pH balance. If a person is acidic, HealthyWiser provides a product known as the pH test strips kit that can be used for the urine or saliva.

pH refers to the range used to identify whether some elements are acidic or alkaline. When it comes to medicine, the pH test strips kit is used to find the body pH balance. This can tell about the body functions and the body’s health.

It only takes a short while when measuring the pH level of the urine or saliva. The HealthyWiser pH test strips are available on Amazon for only $10.42. There are videos that show customer reviews about the product.

“I got the HealthyWiser pH test strips because I was feeling sluggish and of balance with my health. I wanted to know what was going on within my body, without having to go see a doctor every week. These pH strips are wonderful!” one customer wrote on Amazon.

The customer added, “I have used them several times since I have received them and each time I was able to clearly compare the color change to the chart provided and make my adjustments throughout my day or week to help keep my pH balanced.”

How to test saliva or urine

To test the saliva, wait for about two hours after taking the meal before testing the body pH balance. Be sure not to rinse the mouth before or during the pH test. First, take the saliva on a clean spoon and place the pH test strip for three seconds. Wait until the colored portion of the strips are covered in saliva. Wait for around 15 seconds and have the color changes compared with the pH chart provided with the product.

For the urine pH test, be sure that the first and second urine of the day are tested. The average results are recorded. Place the pH test strip gently in the urine mid-stream and take off the excess. Just like with the saliva, wait until the color changes for 15 seconds. Refer to the pH color chart and see the results.

About the company

As a rising brand in the field of cosmetics and nutritional product manufacturing, HealthyWiser has evenly made a statement with their products. The products that are distributed in the United States are considered by specialists as some of the best alternatives for consumers. For more information about HealthyWiser’s pH test strips kit, visit their Amazon page. Watch videos to know more details.

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