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Feeling sad when patients suffer from a certain disease is normal, but when things get worse, it becomes quite alarming. A new study has shown that diabetes is linked to mental health risks among younger people, PBS News Hour recently reported.

“Young people with diabetes were four times more likely to be hospitalized for mental health or substance use treatment in 2014 than were young adults without the disease, according to a recent study that shines a harsh light on the psychological toll the disease can take on this group,” the report stated about the study conducted by the Health Care Cost Institute.

PBS News Hour reported the study conducted among young adults from ages 19 to 25 years old. The study stated that for every thousand young adults of that age ground diagnosed with diabetes, 37 patients were hospitalized for substance use and other mental health, compared to nine who never had diabetes.

Furthermore, the incidence of hospitalization because of mental health risks reportedly went up from the previous years, pegged at around 68 percent in 2014.

The report quoted researchers saying that they did not expect the results. They are planning to look for trends in future findings.

Over 40 million peoples with insurance claims were reportedly analyzed in the study from the years 2012 to 2014 from three major insurers. The correlation between diabetes and mental health was particular in this age group, and “no other age group showed such high rates of hospitalization for mental health or substance use,” the report specified.

Depression is reportedly the mental health risk more widely identified in the study. Other risks include psychological stress because patients reportedly find it hard to blend with other people because of the stigma about the disease.

Lowering the risk of diabetes

When patients know how to lower their risks for diabetes, it is like hitting two birds with one stone, since they can also lower risks of mental health illnesses. There is a product in the market that can be used to monitor ketone levels in the body — components that are related to insulin production.

HealthyWiser ketone test strips offer a safe and accurate ketone testing for diabetes patients and others who are taking insulin treatments. The test strips can be used for multiple testing since there are over 200 strips in the large bottle. Many customers have experienced improvement with the product.

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