Get to know more about HealthyWiser’s TDS EC meter

There are several homeowners who have expressed their wish to take home a digital TDS EC meter, such as the one provided by HealthyWiser. However, they are being hindered about purchasing this product because of the cost.

The HealthyWiser digital TDS EC meter on Amazon is offered at the original price of $34.95. But customers can avail of the 15 percent savings savings from the price of the product. They can also save around 38 percent from purchasing the product on Amazon. This article discusses the discount offers on Amazon.

Save 15 percent on HealthyWiser

The HealthyWiser digital TDS EC meter on Amazon is offered at the original price of $34.95. But customers can avail of the 15 percent savings on the HealthyWiser when they purchase one or more HealthyWiser’s TDS EC meter along with the HealthyWiser pH meter. The latter is another product offered by the company.

How is this possible? To receive this particular discount, customers should add the products that are included in the promotion to their Shopping Cart through one of these two ways. One way is through the “Add Both To Cart” provided in the promotion. Another way is through hitting the “Add To Shopping Car” option from each of the pages of the designated product.

After doing any of these, the price of the discount can be calculated on the final order checkout page and “will be allocated proportionally to all promotion items in the Shopping Cart, including the Best Value item itself.”

Enter the code ALKAWISE upon check out to avail the 15 percent savings. There are terms and conditions that apply. For more information, head over to Amazon.

Order with Free Shipping

Amazon also offers free shipping for HealthyWiser’s digital TDS and EC meter through a particular order. Instead of paying the $34.95 for the product, you can save around 38 percent at just $21.75 to get the product.

Orders that include $25 or more of eligible Amazon books are eligible for free shipping, as well as orders at $49 or more for items under all the product categories. The orders can arrive from five to eight business days with free shipping, with the pre-order items included.

HealthyWiser is a reputable brand in the fields of wellness, personal health, beauty and more. It provides products among consumers in the market so their health is always protected. For information about the digital TDS meter, visit the product page on Amazon.
HealthyWiser is a reputable company that provides various products in the United States for personal health, wellness and beauty. It has a growing brand in the market that has continued to impress consumers. Check out the product on Amazon.
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