Cincinnati, OH - 29 July, 2016 - Mommy Please, the proud makers of a giant 125 piece healthy play food set, has taken particular time and care in the production process of their toys to ensure that all children are safe and all parents are at ease. The company produces their plastic toys without any BPA. BPA (bisphenol-A) is an industrial chemical that is used to make many resins and plastics. When heated, the chemical can become toxic. Mommy Please saw to it that their plastic toys were safe for children who may be teething, or even children that just may not know any better than to put the toys in their mouths.

The healthy play food set is not only safe but it is an educational tool for toddlers as well. Giving small children a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, grains, berries and other plastic snacks helps them form a better understanding of choices regarding food and health. The many unique shapes and colors used in the set keeps children intrigued so that they never stop learning and playing. The toy food play set contains pretend food from all four food groups such as watermelon, ears of corn, red and green apples, various “canned foods” labeled as “organic”, and entire pizza complete with 6 slices, french fries, bananas, grapes, ice cream cone with detachable ice cream swirl, crackers, lemon, and much more.

With the Mommy Please healthy play food set, children can engage in imaginative play and learn. “These children are the future…” stated Elsie Murphy, “We want nothing other than to help educate them, keep them happy and healthy, and watch them grow.” The Mommy Please healthy play food play set is available for purchase on for only $32.99. Customers also have the option of free shipping with orders $49.00 and over and one click ordering. Children are guaranteed to stay happy and imaginative all day, and Mommy Please encourages their customers to see their free imaginative play guide.


About Us
Mommy Please desires nothing more than to bring education, prosperity, and (most of all) Health for children around the world. By providing an education tool known as the healthy organic play food set, Mommy Please is gearing its resources towards this single goal, hoping to touch the lives of children and parents around the world.

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