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Affordable Health care act (Obamacare) is said to be the solution to the financial crisis faced by some employers in today’s market, but the results show the opposite. According to an incomplete, biased and flawed article: “Obamacare saves consumers $1.5 Billion…” by Tribune’s self proclaimed expert Naom N Levey published on December 6, 2012, many have saved plenty of money because of it. The truth behind it is that some employers have lost a considerable amount of their savings just to pay the dramatically increasing health insurance premium.

For small business owners, this law is a pain to their pockets as health insurance premiums continue to rise for about ten to twenty percent and more this year. Small employers and consumers do not save a dime! Each day, they are looking for some ways to reduce the huge increase of premium because of changes in Obama care as the rates of health insurance premiums is rapidly increasing more than what employers have expected. ” Nancy Pelosi told everyone that: “…we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.” In fact by next year Bob states: “I expect to see additional increases of 25% to 30% in the next twelve months when everything is in place as mandated. This is flawed legislation that was rushed through exclusively by the Democrats (Obama, Pelosi and Reid) when they controlled all three branches of government in 2010. Everyone is finally seeing what is in it. And they don’t like it.”

To address the issue, Bob Korvas, founder of Bob Korvas Agency, has the best solution to provide employers peace of mind when it comes to high health insurance premiums. Korvas, together with his agency, can offer every employer solutions to get rid of the expensive rate. They can provide everyone the services that would assist them whenever they are facing troubles in paying health premiums. Bob Korvas is operating an independent brokerage called Bob Korvas Agency which has served tons of people who are in need of assistance when choosing the right insurance for themselves or their company. Their agency is always open and available for those who need their services.

Anyone who aspires to get some ways to lower their health insurance premiums may contact Bob Korvas anytime. He is always available to give everyone immediate response.

Bob Korvas, the founder of Bob Korvas Agency, a well-known one stop agency for all, has been serving thousands of individuals for many years. Korvas has been in the industry for more than 30 years and he has all the expertise in knowing the needs of small business owners in terms of health insurance. Bob Korvas is also willing to help anyone who needs his guidance.

To get more information about health premiums and Bob Korvas, visit the local address of Bob Korvas Agency at Illinois or send an email to Michelle DeWitt, the VP Public Relations of Bob Korvas, at [email protected]