23, April 2015: Health Beyond Hype is introducing its new line of phone cases that protect users from harmful EMFs. The company isa global leader in the health and wellness field and provides many products that help mitigate EMF interferences into the body. 

Speaking to the media, a representative from the company said, “Yes, we have evaluated this new line of cases and feel confident, based on the research and testing that these cases will provide protection from microwave signals with no cell tower interference. We all know that EMFs can cause a number of negative effects on our health; using the correct product is very important in avoiding these negative effects.” 

EMFs are caused by the harmful toxins generated by electrical devices. High EMFs can lead to health issues such as brain tumors, anxiety and chronic diseases including cancer. Most mobile and cell phones release two types of EMFs; microwave electromagnetic rays from the antenna and EMFs from the actual body of phone. Both types of EMFs pose dangers for the well-being of users. 

The new collection of phone cases from Health Beyond Hype includes a wide range of products for various mobile devices. It includes an iPhone 5/5s Cruz case, a Samsung S5 Cruz case and an iPhone 6 Cruz case. These cases are designed to protect the user and the phone in the best way possible. If a person does not have one of the phone models listed, Health Beyond Hype also offers Aulterra Neutralizers. This unique product provides superior protection from EMFs from cell phones and other electronic devices. 

About ‘Health beyond Hype’: 

Health Beyond Hype is a renowned online store that offers a unique range of health and wellness products. 

For Media Contact:
Contact Number: 877-424-4333
Email id: [email protected]
Website: http://www.healthbeyondhype.com/superstore/cruzcases-m-30.html

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