Health 24x7 brings authentic, pure and certified organic products to Indore

Wide range of products from world level company Nature land Organic will be available at Health 24X7

INDORE - Ideal health is directly based on four pillars : Regular exercise, Positive attitude, Adequate rest and Balanced diet. Person, during his life runs for wealth blindly in the first half of his life which is around 40-50 years. And when he loses his health regularly, then he has to spend that entire money to get his health back. Human body is made up 63 trillion cells. We can nourish our cells. It was taught to us that our body has cell, tissue, organ, system but unfortunately we don’t get fresh air to inhale, fresh water to drink. Apart from this, these are not in our hand but we can customise our eating habits. A balanced diet contains more carbohydrate and fat and some protein, minerals, vitamins and fibre and approx 5-7 liter of water every day.

Mr. Atul Malikram from Health 24x7 said, “We studied many companies along with Natureland and found that Natureland was more authentic and trusted. Natureland organics first purify the soil and fertilize it with biological compounds. Trained employees help the farmers to increase the quality of soil. Farmers are provided with good quality seeds. Workshops are organized for the farmers on natural manure and animal manure. Special attention is given on every step from production of crop till its packing and after being certified by a government agency, it reaches to customer.

Health 24x7 is trying you to plug in nature in nature. As we get our body by nature then we don’t go to nature to maintainit, to cure it. We have so many lifestyle diseases like Cancer, Sugar, Heart attack, BP, Ulcer, Arthritis, Anemia and many more. It happens just because we have gone far away from natural food.

So, here we present “Health24x7” store in Indore from where you get stuff to keep your family healthy, we are verified, checked and approved. We are making a consumer awareness, so that we should expense on healthy things. Domesting and household things are not our hobby but these are something it is our compulsion to purchase them from anywhere. So, do we need to go nature? If yes, then we can make a revolutionary change. There is a vast range of products like, we have cereals, apices, jams, juices, edible oils, dry fruits and the most phenomenal thing is that all these are made with highly healthy and effective stuffs.

And Health24x7 proved that many life style diseases can be treated very easily. Home delivery will be free till the end of this month. Organic food will be making your kitchen safe. All the products are of International Quality at Indian price which is easily affordable. Store at 27-A, Chandra Nagar, Opp. Garden, Near Syndicate Bank, MR-9, Main Road, Indore, India