06 August, 2013: Picture quality and top-notch clarity have been sought after ever since the advent of HD technology. The research and development team of the leading brands manufacturing surveillance camera are not far behind either. In fact, almost every company has a range of models having greater megapixel and HD quality systems to ensure a complete view, especially to capture even the minute objects lying at a greater distance. A2Z Security Cameras, the wholesale distributors and service providers proudly introduce their latest updates on the features and facilities these products are offering. 

The ever rising expenses on electricity bills will not bother people installing these products anymore. The all new solar power enhanced security systems set up ensures complete remote monitoring. These advanced level cameras can be set up in the exteriors of domestic units as well as giant commercial units where there is a requirement for manifold cameras to cover the complete viewing from every angle. They are suitable for both wired and wireless set ups. The power backup and storage is convenient for meeting the requirement of the energy supply during the night when these panels are deprived of charging. 

The range of mobile surveillance camera set up is now readily available with Windows and Linux based operating systems which are connected to the security cameras running on wheels to carry on with the remote monitoring process during the disaster management programs in case of natural calamities where the connectivity is a major issue in the case of the power grid failure and link disturbance in the satellite monitoring services due to bad weather conditions. The system is helpful for quick information exchange and gets the view of the areas with greater clarity. 

The IP camera surveillance is the all new substitutes for the old and regular CCTVs that lack the picture clarity apart from the inconvenience of monitoring signal problems. They capture HD quality pictures and are mainly used in the commercial units including schools etc. They are controlled with the NVR (Network Video Recorder) devices and help to maintain high level online connectivity for better communication and emergency updates through emails, sms etc. They are easy to install and have several modern features as per the model selected. 

Safety is a major concern whether it is a simple apartment area or a large commercial establishment, factory etc. Apart from burglary there are also issues of fire break out or other unfortunate happenings. The surveillance systems are monitored minutely and the control room maintains a continuous connectivity with the clients for whom the set has been established. They send emergency alerts to save time and the precious lives in case of any unpleasant incident. 

The service providers take full responsibility to execute functions like installation, repairing, monitoring, data transfer and other requisite services as and when required. The wired surveillance systems are still preferred by the technical experts as they are more convenient in terms of data theft misuse of captured videos or manipulation of signals. 

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A2Z Security Cameras Website caters to the requirement worldwide distribution of security cameras and surveillance systems. They also undertake the responsibility of the installation process, periodical servicing, repairing and maintenance work as and when required. The company has earned a decent market reputation by virtue of excellent product quality and customer satisfaction. The organization has won several accolades for its work in large commercial units and the years of trustworthy services. They have enough stocks from all major brands including: Samsung, Bosch, Geovision, Vivotek etc. For more details visit: http://www.a2zsecuritycameras.com 

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