Denver, CO - LED school lights have become increasingly popular in recent months with many schools starting to see the advantages of installing such products for the purpose of offering children a safer, more eco-friendly school environment. Awareness is being raised at an increasing rate regarding the risks of continuing to use old lighting systems based on hazardous substances such as mercury, which can potentially cause numerous health problems and environmental dangers.

Representatives from ILLUMINEX, one of Denver’s most well-known environmental friendly energy companies, have given long recognized and talked about the dangers of mercury based lighting systems that are present in public school lights.

Accidentally broken bulbs often cause a significant amount of harm with some existing linear fluorescent tubes and CFLs in Public Schools today easily containing up to 20 mg of mercury each. Those who touch the broken items or inhale the mercury vapors released into the air can suffer from health problems that can affect the nervous system. Mercury poisoning is a cause for abnormal brain development in the case of children. It is no wonder then that so many schools have started searching for alternative school lighting sources that can help avoid these types of dangers while also reducing the negative effects of mercury in the environment.

Safe disposal is another one of the main issues that come with fluorescent and CFL lights. Even some of the newest and most advanced CFL lights, as well as the new T8 and T5 fluorescent bulbs contain significant amounts of Mercury. Unavoidable or unintentional release of 20% to 80% of the mercury in discarded bulbs has been suggested by a study for Oak Ridge National Laboratory or recycled bulbs. Also, a study conducted by a waste disposal and recycling center has shown that millions of these types of bulbs end up in landfills, and only about 20% have been recycled.

According to ILLUMINEX, “the safest way to dispose of hazardous waste is not to purchase or use it in the first place.”

As ILLUMINEX representatives clearly state, some of the safest and most efficient alternatives to mercury based school lights are lighting products based on LED technology. LEDs are free of mercury, as well as other toxic chemicals. Another benefit of these lights is their remarkable durability which makes them extremely difficult to break and resistant to vibrations, shocks and various other external impacts.

Promoting safety and eco-friendly technology, ILLUMINEX has expressed their confidence in the fact that LED and induction lights are an excellent choice not only for their long term energy-saving benefits, but that they can be used as quality school lights, being the best option when it comes to protecting students from the dangerous effects of mercury.

About Illuminex:

One of the country’s leading providers of environmental school lights  , ILLUMINEX is seen by many as a top authority when it comes to solutions regarding the use of safe, technologically advanced LED and induction lighting systems.

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