Many times you are not sure about the best romantic sites and we are always going for the highest of heights and forgetting the simple things such as timber gazebos. If you think about a garden and the amazing ambience of tranquillity, there is no better place to take your loved one. With the great addition of a gazebo, can things get better? For those of you who do not know exactly what a gazebo is, it is a pavilion structure which is usually built in a garden or spacious public place. You may have seen movies where the most romantic scenes have gazebos in them. These make perfect summer houses as well. If you have been walking around the garden the whole day, there is no better place to sit and rest with your loved one. If you haven’t considered any of these places, it would be nice of you to try it out.


On a little history of timber gazebos, these structures were featured in many traditional empires such as China, Persia, Rome and Egypt. These were usually put up in those places that had warm climate conditions. If you think of the deserts of Egypt, a gazebo would be fitting for the heat. Because of the material used to build it, there is a great cooling effect that comes with it. In colonial times, the gazebos were built in the garden of those really wealthy and up class. Colonial dwellings have beautiful vast gardens and a gazebo is a great accessory to the environment. This shows that these summer houses didn’t just come up recently.


Timber gazebos are used for so many reasons and mainly for relaxation, and this is why being in one with a loved one is just the best experience. This is mainly enjoyable usually in the warm months. This is because long ago there were no air conditioners in the houses and a gazebo was the best place to gather as there is a cool breeze that passes through it. Some gazeboes are set not only in the gardens but also near a large mass of water like a lake or ocean. This would be a nice place for gentlemen to take a lady to enjoy a pleasant afternoon with a nice sunset. Summer houses in gardens are also used for garden weddings. These are quite romantic to say the least.


There are many types of timber gazebos, or rather are used in many different ways. There are private and public ones. The private ones are found in private properties and used only by the owners. When it comes to public ones, they are found in public parks, beaches or gardens for the public to enjoy. There also those used for weddings. A wedding gazebo is very large with posts holding it. Garden gazebos are smaller and very cosy and intimate. Depending on the amount space available, this is what determines the sizes of summer houses as well; the smaller the better for romance.

If you would like to know about timber gazebos or would like to put up one of these amazing summer houses we will be more than glad to be of assistance.