United Kingdom; 04, June 2015: Electrical heating systems are designed to ensure heat transfer through an electrically controlled system. Homes and businesses install a central heating system which provides efficient heating. Haverland UK limited is involved in all round research, development and innovation of designer electric radiators, bathroom heaters, electric towel rails and similar range of products. An integrated electronic PID controlled thermostat allows the user to control temperature for energy efficient heating. Haverland company office has shifted to a new address which would be updated in the contact page soon. 

The electrical radiators designed by company professionals are categorized into three sections. One of them is fluid filled radiators which comprises of water and oil sealed in at manufacturing process. All of the radiators are made to look good as per recent trends which will also enhance the living space. With a simple touch or press of button, the users are guaranteed instant heating. These radiators provide continuous warmth and care without heading up the energy bills. 

Haverland made radiators are flexible as per needs and also serve as standalone electrical heaters. They can be easily incorporated into a fully fledged central heating system for homes, offices, bungalows, flats and other establishments. It comes with an injected aluminium construction which can heat up really fast and easily regulated. A wide range of electric heating solutions from Haverland caters to the varying needs of customers. 

There are dry stone radiators which are suitable for bigger spaces. It has a technology which strikes a great balance between intensified heating performance and optimized energy usage. These radiators are easy to install, operate and maintenance free. Various outputs and sizes are available for the users ranging from 900W to 1800W. Dry stone radiators have different temperature setting options such as anti-freeze, economy and comfort. There is ceramic resistance with high thermal inertia. 

The dry stone radiators come with power coating both externally and internally in white to RAL 9016. Radiators can be plugged in very easily as they’re supplied with wall fixing brackets and 1.6m length cable. There are up to seven pre-set programs and one programmable option with these slim line radiators which are up to 94mm deep. Apart from having safety thermal limiter, there is aluminium block along with innovative design of the curved elements. Customers can also purchase wall mounted radiators which can be installed at bathrooms irrespective of size and layout. Electric towel rails can also offer sufficient heat to serve as heating system for the entire area. 

About Haverland UK Limited: 

Haverland UK Limited has over four decades of experience in manufacturing and selling electric heating systems for various establishments. It aims to move forward and prosper by hard work and commitment to offer quality products to meet client needs. Visit the website for information on the products and services offered. 

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