Wiltshire, UK; 23, January 2015: Nowadays, people focus more on energy efficient gadgets and products. Haverland UK offers a range of energy efficient electric radiatorsand electric heaters for modern homes. The company intends to serve customers more efficiently and this is the reason why they are going to hire new employees. The expansion of the employee base is being seen as an effort to cater to the needs of the modern consumers more specifically by providing them custom solutions for their homes or buildings. 

According to the company spokesperson, they are also going to add an additional enquiry line 03303651940 to handle the large number of queries they receive every day. This will enable them to answer all queries of the customers and educate them about the feature-rich radiators and heaters they have in their portfolio. Moreover, this will also help them understand the customer requirements and focus on product developments to meet the demands of the modern consumer. 

The spokesperson maintains that the company has been continuously investing in research and development in order to develop radiators and heaters that can ensure the best performance and consume less energy. “More people realizing that the high cost of electric heating is just a myth. Good quality energy efficient electric radiators can actually lower heating bills. And Haverland manufactures the highest quality products. Our electric radiators come fully fitted with an electronic PID controlled thermostat that will allow homeowners to control temperatures and times for the best energy efficient heating possible,” Haverland spokesman said. 

The company offers a range of heating systems that could not only provide the perfect heating, but can also enhance the aesthetic appeal of a built space. They have several designer models that can be installed in residential as well as commercial spaces for creating a perfect warm and cozy environment during chilly outside weather conditions. The company spokesperson is confident about the new expansion plans that will enable them to reach a broader customer base with their energy efficient heating systems. To check the heating systems they have in their portfolio, one may visit their website http://www.haverland.co.uk 

About Haverland UK Limited: 

After more than 40 years experience in the manufacture of electric heating systems, Haverland UK Limited has become the leading company in the production and sale of energy efficient electric heaters under their own HAVERLAND trademark. Today, the company is proud to be considered the market leader in Research, Development and Innovation in the field of electric heating system. 

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