Have you ever wanted to be in a comic book? Our friends at "Be A Comic Book Character" are doing something new and exciting! They're connecting fans with different comic book opportunities throughout the year!

Have you ever thought of becoming a comic book character? You can have a sketch made in your likeness and added to the storyline! If you want to be in an actual published comic book, this is your chance. How do they do it? They partner with different upcoming releases and promote their distribution deals. They also have numerous publishing partnerships in the works, so expect some familiar faces and names coming soon too. It's through these partnerships and promotion deals that they meet great producers. They hand pick the best of the best and make their site link to the opportunities.

You can see their site now, and the first project available: "Mulligan" a story about turning people into fuel and a multibillion dollar company, conspiracy theories,  portals to other dimensions and  plenty of gory violence! This first one is definitely going to turn some heads, so check it out before the limited spots are gone. Also be sure to support www.BeAComicBookCharacter.com by sharing them with your friends. It's because of them that comic books are now interactive on a whole new level!

Robert James - CEO
Be A Comic Book Character
5062 Lankershim Blvd. suite 192
North Hollywood ca 91606
[email protected]