04, May 2015: Deiss‘ brand new knives are distinguished for excellent sharpness, safe and reliable handles and lightweight construction. High comfort level, brilliant style and perfect cutting or slicing makes these knives ideal for various cooking tasks. They are presented in eight variants for different purposes.

Every knife has a specially designed handle and it has an additional carrying case for secure transporting and keeping, so you will be able to take it on picnics.

Knife For Vegetables (paring knife) — it is suitable not only for peeling products but also for slicing and chopping vegetables, fruit and cheese. It is available in graphite, red, blue, green, purple and teal variants.

Knife with special prongs (serrated paring knife) — it is ideal for slicing soft products, fruits or bread. It is available in blue, yellow, green, orange, red and graphite.

Santoku Knife (small) — it has three main uses: dice, slice and mince. It works with various types of fruit and vegetables, as well as different types of meat. It is presented in graphite and red.

Santoku Knife (large) — it has small cavities which keeps your food from sticking to the knife when you cut the products. It is in graphite and red variants.

Chef Knife — it does a lot of work, as it can chop, dice and even mince cheese, meat, fruit, vegetable, etc. It is available in graphite and red.

Knife for bread — it is perfect for slicing bread loaves with ease. It is presented in graphite and red.

Utility Knife — carving knife for working with meat. It is presented in graphite and red colors.

Serrated Utility Knife — it is convenient and handy for slicing thin-skinned vegetables and fruits, bread and meat. It is presented in graphite and red.

The Deiss knives have brand new level of modern optimized, ergonomic handles, marked with a special plus sign that indicates German design. The reliable Japanese steel blade guarantees sharpness and long-term work. The strong blades have well-thought design that prevents food products from sticking to the knife, it will make your work easy and careful.

Deiss is the famous German brand of kitchenware and cooking tools, this brand is appreciated by millions customers worldwide. All the knives are manufactured at the Berlin family factory due to the Deiss highest quality standards and assure the best experience every day.

To get more information, please visit http://deisskitchenware.de/

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