Chicago — In the case of a DUI charge, it is absolutely pertinent to ensure the best Chicago attorney to handle the DUI case. In the Chicago area, Fedor Kozlov has widely been seen as the best of the best for DUI cases.

Recently, due to a DUI spike in Chicago, the city has adopted new legislation against crimes of drinking and driving. This new legislation includes major penalties for first time offenders if they are convicted. If charged with a DUI, a top notch Chicago DUI lawyer like Fedor Kozlov is needed in order to help protect both short- and long-term investments for the person being charged. offers phone resources and even a live chat feature for those who need help or legal advice right away. For detailed information on DUI charges and other drinking and driving or drug related offenses, the website even has a blog for visitors to check out. serves both the city of Chicago and its suburbs. Chicago DUI lawyers, like Fedor Kozlov, are willing to travel directly to see their clients in the case that the client cannot make it out to an attorney’s office. DUI charges are serious, but their consequences do not have to be so detrimental for first time offenders in minor cases. Take the proper measures by hiring a great Chicago DUI attorney.

Chicago DUI and Criminal Defense is Chicagoland’s most trusted criminal defense law firm. To learn more about Chicago DUI attorneys, please visit . To receive legal help from a DUI lawyer in Chicago, call 773.770.5295 for clients who live in the city, and 847.241.1299 for clients who live in the Chicago suburbs.

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