Haulage Exchange, one of the UK’s busiest and largest independent freight exchanges, reminds haulage companies who want to process more loads and enjoy better business to wisely choose the right Global Positioning System (GPS) device for their outfit. Not all of these devices are the same, and there are some models that are more efficient and better suited to the daily requirements of haulage companies. Of the different types of GPS tracking devices currently on the market, the Vehicle Navigation device beats most other configurations.

Haulage Exchange asserts that a vehicle navigation device can help a haulier increase the amount of loads they process by allowing them to complete jobs as efficiently and quickly as possible. Made by any reputable manufacturer, a good quality GPS tracking device can pinpoint the lorry’s location with admirable accuracy. From the lorry driver’s perspective, the device is used to provide the quickest working route toward their destination and if a route turns out to be unfeasible, the device should be able to quickly recalculate and provide a new route as well as other assistance. From the haulage company manager’s perspective, the device offers information about the exact location of their fleet’s vehicles at any given moment, and also allows them to smoothly coordinate with the drivers out on the road, in real time.

However, as roads and addresses change, a GPS device is only as good as the map that comes with it. Cheap GPS devices are often so because they come with out-dated maps which can be dangerous or costly for hauliers, as they have the potential to introduce errors into the fleet’s route that can waste time, fuel, and repeat business with the botched jobs. Before choosing a GPS tracking device, the haulage company should ensure that the manufacturer provides regular map updates, and be aware that these updates may come with a fee.

When it comes to helping haulage companies in the UK process more loads and thereby enjoy increased business, no entity is in a better position than Haulage Exchange. With more than a decade of facilitating profitable working relationships, it is currently the UK’s leading provider of managed freight exchanges.

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A major part of the renowned Transport Exchange Group, Haulage Exchange has more than four thousand five hundred active users enjoying the advantages of increased amounts of loads. For more information about the company, visit its website at http://www.haulageexchange.co.uk .

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