A new book was released by Auntie Kim and it is now rocking the book stores. The Harry Defeats Ick & The Evil Plaque Monsters is a book about a young boy named Harry who does not brush his teeth. Because of this, Harry’s teeth were attacked by the evil bacteria called Evil Plaque Monsters. Once the bacteria started to do evil stuff in the teeth, it can make the gums to bleed, feel pain and so much suffering.

This is exactly what happened to Harry after he did not brush his teeth. When he is about to lose hope, he was taken to a dentist by his mother and the doctor was Dr. Jones. The doctor helped him along with his friends Tommy, the toothbrush and also Tina, the Wonder Toothpaste. They all worked together to help Harry get rid of the bacteria in his teeth and finally get rid of the evil plaque monsters. This is a wonderful story that every child should know.

Brushing the teeth every day is an important task that everyone should consider especially when it comes to kids. This way, they will grow along with their healthy and white teeth. The Book of Auntie Kim is now available in the bookstores. Everyone can now have the chance to buy their copy and give it to their children who are always not brushing their teeth. It can surely help a lot in motivating the kids to brush their teeth every day before they go to sleep. Having this book from Auntie Kim is a good example of teaching the kids good personal hygiene. The kids will also learn how to be responsible in brushing their teeth so that they can avoid the evil plaque monster.

There are lots of books that everyone could choose from in Auntie Kim’s bookstore. This is also one of the effective ways on how everyone can help the kids understand the importance of brushing their teeth. Not only because it is needed but because healthy teeth are good to look at and look presentable.

Help the kids understand the importance of brushing by giving them the Auntie Kim’s book of Harry Defeats Ick & The Evil Plaque Monster. It also comes with a coloring book that the children will surely enjoy. One review said “great book to get kids to start brushing”.

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