(Free Press Release) We believe strongly in the concept of economic and market-led research. This "top down" approach is aimed at identifying the most vibrant and promising market sectors in which to direct its considerable industry and company research capabilities. We believe in the long term growth and development of the global economy as the world's people strive for a healthier and higher standard of living, particularly in those emerging economies that account for fully half of the global population. While there are many and varied stumbling blocks on the path of global economic and social progress, Harris James Associates recognizes that there are always sectors that exhibit superior potential in the dynamics of global development. We believe that selectivity is the key to long term investment success in the stock market......

Portfolio Balancing
Rebalancing a person's investment decision profile can become a vital need due to private lifestyle adjustments for instance age, earnings, pension, inheritances, or even purchase or sale of a property or another significant property such as property, brand new assets requirements, as well as an modification in private associated risk threshold, and so on. As well, rebalancing is often required as a result of changes in asset allocation due to altered investment expectations, or to realign portfolio weightings in line with target allocations due to changing values of individual portfolio holdings. As part of the HJA commitment to excellence, and our focus on unparalleled client service, your HJA Account Executive will routinely monitor, and provide assistance when portfolio rebalancing is advised.
Timely Advice
Whether one is a seasoned investor or a newcomer to the world of private investing, your HJA representative is prepared to assist in any way practical. Advice regarding any or all aspects of your personal investment program, its overall wealth building strategy and tactical recommendations in light of changing market circumstances is yours for the asking. When Harris James Associates research discovers a compelling stock investment that meets with your overall objectives, you will be advised in a timely manner so that you may consider it for your portfolio without undue delay. Or when changing circumstances suggest a liquidation of a given investment, and because you are the ultimate decision maker, we will advise you of such changes with all practical haste.
MERGERS and ACQUISITIONS - Maximizing Your Value
Harris James Associates offers a comprehensive range of Merger and Acquisition services to help you identify strategic opportunities and develop and execute integration plans, including:
Business due diligence
Integration strategy check
Post-merger integration plan management
Harris James Associates have worked with a lot of businesses in all key industries on national and cross-border merger and acquisition projects. With our extensive consulting, technology and outsourcing expertise, clients can expect a smooth and efficient integration that yields positive results. Discover what we can do for your business.
Business due diligence
The reputation, integrity and ultimately the success of your business increasingly depends upon developing and maintaining the confidence and trust of your domestic and international clients, investors and regulators. Conducting proper due diligence is essential in eliminating fraud, managing risk and maintaining compliance with regulations.
International Due Diligence process is vital to virtually all types of engagement including:
* Sales Agents or Consultants
* Joint Ventures
* Strategic Partners
* Mergers & Acquisitions
* Risk Assessment
* Distributors
* Senior Level Personnel Decisions
* Vendor Verification
* Customer Acquisition
* Conflict of Interest Investigations
Post-merger Integration
Harris James Associates has supported hundreds of post-merger integration projects.
HJA consultants draw on functional and business process expertise to manage each major milestone, from the initial merger announcement to the operational launch of the combined entity.
Our core strengths include strategic advice during the pre-deal phase, growth strategy reviews, target evaluations, strategic due diligence and post-merger integration planning and implementation.
The acquisition and integration of another business requires top management to rethink the organization‘s strategic vision. Integration involves re-shaping the organization to achieve this new vision and realize merger synergies.
Harris James Associates plan management services increase merger success through open communication and stakeholder involvement.