(Free Press Release) Harris James Associates ensures that our clients possess the best info on which to base intelligent business and financial decisions in pursuit of superior investment performance. In order to achieve and maintain that standard of information and timely advice, management and staff are committed to a level of excellence in research, market intelligence, trade executions, and client service that is both demanding and rewarding. We judge our success in maintaining that high level of excellence by the one true measurement; the satisfaction and investment performance of our growing clientele. At Harris James Associates, the Client's success is our primary objective. Investment success in these volatile times can be fleeting for many, which is why our commitment to excellence in everything we do will be a constant regardless of the often turbulent world around us.
Harris James Associates will also seek to provide expertise to investee companies not commonly available from institutional investors. In return, HJA expects to earn strategic investment grade entry prices by creating or securing investment opportunities that might not otherwise be available.
A Global View
Given the rapid globalization of economics and business, our investment research and market intelligence seek out extraordinary opportunities wherever they may occur, assisting clients to identify relevant investment ideas that are timely and are in keeping with unfolding sectoral trends that so often represent superior growth opportunities. HJA monitors developments and emerging trends throughout the global economy, ensuring that its focus is directed onto those sectors that offer above average performance potential in the foreseeable future.
Despite the banking and credit crisis that accompanied the general economic recession, prompting many pundits to forecast total collapse and a deep recession, this nascent recovery propelled share prices sharply higher across selected industries, particularly the commodity sectors including energy, metals and other sectors that had been decimated by the global financial crisis. Fundamentals prevailed and the system did not collapse. And while serious hurdles remain in the way of a rapid return to a healthy rate of global economic growth for all, the emerging economies have led the way toward recovery by underpinning global demand and prices for all manner of commodities. HJA research and market intelligence identifies those market sectors that emerge as leaders in the ongoing recovery, and focuses its efforts on identifying those companies which can be expected to achieve outstanding performance during these volatile times.

A Disciplined Approach
HJA's disciplined approach to research analyzes industries and companies in light of global and national economic trends and emerging industry developments. Our "Top Down" approach allows us to identify those global, national and industry trends that offer exceptional upside in the long term. By insisting upon positive macro trends and a favorable business environment for a given industry, this approach allows us to confine our in-depth company research to candidates whose industries offer maximum potential for growth in the current circumstances. Through thorough and incisive fundamental analysis, buttressed by quantitative studies and technical analysis, our research strives to select only those companies that can reasonably be expected to lead the way higher. Timeliness in identifying such companies is paramount because such extraordinary stock market opportunities are always discovered by the "Street" eventually.