Harley Davidson stretched saddlebags can make for an exciting addition providing space without compromising on style. You can go for high quality saddlebag extensions designed in hand-laid fiberglass that has a glossy, exquisite look. The rigidity of these saddlebags is particularly impressive and comes to good use during tough rides where the vehicle endures a lot including harsh weathers. There are saddlebags that are custom designed for baggers. You need to make sure that they are compatible with custom fenders such as those with uncut exhaust ports. You may go for single or dual exhaust ports as well depending upon your preference. Other interesting accessories include the Harley Davidson V-Rod airbox cover that comes quite handy as well.


You can go for a freshly painted carbon black or glossy black Harley Davidson V-Rod airbox cover that adds great value enhancing the looks as well. Some of these come with other custom accessories and additions including louvers, grills on either side of the cover and a custom gauge mount. The air box cover can also be ordered without the primer or paint if required. You may also request for a custom gel coat that enhances surface strength of the accessory and enhances its resilience to adverse conditions whether during usage or weather. Some air box covers are designed with as many as 6 louvers depending upon the customers’ preference. Whether you are ordering for Harley Davidson stretched saddlebags or air box covers, it is important to make sure you are investing in accessories that go through highly efficient inspection.


It isn’t much good investing your hard-earned money on Harley Davidson stretched saddlebags that are flimsy and made of plastic. You may have to do all due diligence while picking saddlebag extensions or other accessories like the Harley Davidson V-rod airbox cover. Flimsy units might not last long enough, especially if you head for long rides very frequently. It is not a bad idea to check if the accessories you pick fit several models. This way you can sell them off if you want to upgrade or move to a different one after a while. Custom designed accessories though, offer better quality than factory and are thicker in terms of design and structure.


Harley Davidson stretched saddlebags include hard ones as well as soft ones. Some of them offer a lot more space than the normal stock bags. The locking system of these saddlebags is also particularly impressive. The Harley Davidson V-rod airbox cover too can also be ordered to custom fit your vehicle. You can go for grey gel coat or request for the finish of your choice. Mounting hardware for easy installation can be ordered for saddlebags, air box covers and other such accessories. Latch kits, domed saddlebag lids and safety skirt lights are some of the other accessories that can be ordered to add to the looks and convenience. Controlled wall thickness is an interesting feature seen in custom designed saddlebags with smooth exteriors and lot of interior space.


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