If you own a Harley Davidson, you have made it obvious that you like taking the long rides. The saddlebag is an excellent accessory for long rides. Harley Davidson extended saddlebags offer that extra convenience to riders who need to be prepared for exigencies. Any space for storage can only add to the comfort. One of the biggest problems so far is that one doesn’t want to compromise on style. However, Harley Davidson stretched saddlebags look extremely stylish and only add to the charm of the Harley Davidson. These saddlebags attached on either side come with lids and can be ordered as an entire set along with rear fenders.


High quality, Harley Davidson extended saddlebags are designed using 100% fiberglass. This is better than plastic construction as the saddlebags are less vulnerable to dents, scratches or cracking. It is easy to be carried away with cost effective imitation units. However, if you frequently participate in longer rides, it is wiser to invest in high quality Harley Davidson stretched saddlebags that can endure wear and tear and survive even the harshest of weathers. The hand laid fiberglass is of a supreme quality and isn’t flimsy like some of the plastic saddlebags are. The thickness of the saddlebag can also ensure that accidental hits don’t crack them. Well-designed saddlebags are advisable as they don’t affect the riding experience. Neither the height nor the suspension travel is really affected by designs that are thoughtfully put together.


The looks are another plus when you consider Harley Davidson extended saddlebags. The finish is glass-smooth. The glossy look beautifully complements the attractive finish of the gorgeous Harley. They come deep ensuring you can put the entire storage space to good use. Factory finished or primed saddlebags can be picked to accompany you on long trips. All the hardware is generally provided with the unit so that installation to the existing lids and latches on the Harley is extremely easy. Sometimes, one can look for customized variations as well to suit riding comfort. There are hard Harley Davidson stretched saddlebags that are color matched as well in bronze or cherry shades if required.


You can go for Harley Davidson extended saddlebags that are designed to provide more strength and reliability than cheaper injection molded fiberglass saddlebags. The best Harley Davidson stretched saddlebags not only provide excellent storage space but also make sure they don’t add up to the weight. The lightweight saddlebags need to be picked from manufacturers that warranty attachment to any kind of fender designed for Harley bags. An interesting accessory is the saddlebag plug which allows you to make the most of these saddlebags. Professional manufacturers design saddlebags that even offer remote keyless entry for added convenience. Felt lined saddlebags are also available with an attractive sanded gel coat. These are designed for easy securing without hassles of locking. Stretched one piece saddlebags are ideal for custom bagging allowing you get rid of noisy latches. Some saddlebags are about 4 inches longer than the normal stock bags too.


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