03, December 2016: An “Ark” is what Leonardo shows his perseverance for preserving the environment. For ordinary people, they can also make their own contributions to the environmental protection. Airwheel eco-friendly electric scooters are the vehicles, which offer people the green transport in the city life.

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An “Ark” is what Leonardo shows his perseverance for preserving the environment. Not everyone could build a “Noah’s Ark” for the world, but all people can make their own contributions to protecting the environment. Airwheel eco-friendly electric scooters are the products, which insist on the eco-friendly ideas.


Airwheel electric scooters are utterly powered by electricity, which causes zero pollution while running. Also, the extreme energy-saving features of Airwheel Smart Electric Bike make it possible to cover long range with a little energy. Though most electricity is generated by burning fuel, the extreme efficiency of Airwheel electric mobility scooters also contributes to the environmental protection by reducing the fuel-burning.


On the other hand, the great adaptability of Airwheel makes them the better choices for the city transport. Airwheelintelligent power scooter all have strong adaptability for all types of roads in the city. Airwheel X series electric unicycles are extremely portable and light, so they are the most suitable choices for office workers and citizens who need to travel a lot inside the city. Airwheel S series 2-wheeled electric scooters are the powerful scooters in Airwheel family. Their strong performances and long range are suitable to middle or long-distance travel. The burden capacity of Airwheel double-wheels electric scooter makes people forget their private cars.


In addition to kinds of electric scooters, there are three folding electric bikes in Airwheel, including E6, E3 and R5. They are known for its multiple folding system that is to provide riders a brand-new riding experience. It is worth our attention that the Airwheel R5 electric aided-bicycle has three ride modes, man-powered, power-assisted and electricity-assisted styles.


The bright evening cities will tell you how much have you missed and ignored though you live in this city. Airwheel intelligent electric scooters are also your best choice for your travel. They are powerful yet much more convenient than cars and other transport means. You definitely experience different riding time on Airwheel.

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