Harbinger Knowledge Products has released an online Audience Response System for YawnBuster, the path-breaking software for adding high-impact group activities to PowerPoint. Unlike the hardware dependent Audience Response Systems (slammers or clickers) which cost a lot and are limited only to face-to-face meetings, or the software keypads which can only be used in virtual meetings, YawnBuster Audience Response System provides a solution that meets the needs of both online and face-to-face meetings.

Now with YawnBuster Audience Response System, presenters and facilitators can collect, view and share audience responses for all the YawnBuster group activities in real time without the need of any hardware or software installation for the audience.

“Our goal was to offer an audience response system which is powerful and yet simple to use,” said Vikas Joshi, Chairman and Managing Director, Harbinger Group. “This allows presenters to focus on what they do best to present the content, rather than spend their time managing the hardware or software part of audience response systems”, he said.

With YawnBuster ARS, the audience can interact with the presentation through hand-held devices, smartphones and laptops by simply visiting a URL. Every attendee gets a chance to be heard by responding to the questions, participating in a poll or game, and even by typing in free-form text to chip in with their opinions.

“YawnBuster ARS empowers the attendees by providing a means for active interaction with the presentation. The presenters can review the audience interaction reports at the end of the presentation to improve the sessions or provide additional information to the attendees. With ARS, YawnBuster goes truly live, and connects the presenters to their audiences like never before. We are sure the millions of presenters worldwide will love the flexibility and ease of use of YawnBuster ARS”, said Seema Chaudhary, President, Harbinger Knowledge Products Inc.

About YawnBuster

With YawnBuster, you can easily add high-impact group activities to your PowerPoint slides.

YawnBuster brings alive your PowerPoint slides with Group Activities such as audience polls, games, group exercises and competitions. Now you can get your audience to think, enjoy, participate and identify key takeaways quickly and easily.

With YawnBuster, you always have undivided attention of your audience: after all, they aren't just watching PowerPoint slides any more - they are interacting with you

For more information, visit www.yawnbuster.com

About Harbinger Knowledge Products

Harbinger Knowledge Products is recognized as a global leader in interactivity solutions for knowledge-sharing applications including learning, presentation and web development.

For two consecutive years, Deloitte has named Harbinger Knowledge Products among the fastest growing technology companies in its Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific and Technology Fast 50 India programs.

Harbinger Knowledge Products is a part of Harbinger Group, which serves customers in over 45 countries through its offices in Pune (India), Redmond (WA, USA), San Jose (CA, USA), Pleasanton (CA, USA), London (UK) and through its partner network worldwide.

Harbinger's patent-pending technology and sound thought leadership have resulted in groundbreaking products, including market-leading Raptivity, innovative YawnBuster and cutting-edge TeemingPod. Red Herring has named Harbinger amongst world's top 100 private technology companies.

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