Harbinger Knowledge Products has announced the release of Raptivity Web Expert‘s brand new Site Booster Pack. Raptivity Web Expert is a unique tool for making websites interactive. It is based on the award-winning Raptivity technology. The new pack includes a variety of interactions such as Visual Site Map, Quotes Flicker, Countdown Timer and more.

“Gone are the days when people just talked about increasing the web visits. Now people want engagement and stickiness on their website. Millions of dollars are being spent in attracting people to the sites and obviously, the website owners want to reduce the bounce rate. They want visitors to interact with the site and get involved. This new pack empowers them more in this regard”, said Vikas Joshi, Chairman and Managing Director, Harbinger Group.

A recent article by Vikas Joshi discusses some basic principles of interactivity which great site designers follow to make their sites sticky and engaging. The new Site Booster pack delivers on that promise.

The Site Booster Pack contains five interesting interactions that can help you truly boost your website. Create a vivid, memorable and easy to use site map and capture attention using Visual Site Map interaction. Roll out new updates on sites and enhance engagement using Action Suggester. Create user curiosity using Page Peel Banner. Build credibility with Quotes Flicker. Build a sense of urgency and drive action using Countdown Timer.

Website owners always want to keep their sites updated with latest information and events. With the Site Booster pack, they can quickly and easily update the constantly changing elements like countdown timers, testimonials, etc on their sites, without having to always go to the design teams.

“Owners of small and medium businesses, retail sites need web traffic and want people to stay longer on their sites. For this, they need attractive, engaging and interactive sites. We did not want to deprive them of interactivity simply because of budget constraints. With Raptivity Web Expert and the Site Booster Pack, they can add interactive elements to their sites in less time and cost. When we shared the new pack with our beta users, they were amazed as they could completely transform their sites into interactive experiences with the new interactions within few hours and with great ease!” said Seema Chaudhary, President, Harbinger Knowledge Products Inc.

The Site Booster Pack ships with five premium interactions and is priced at $149. You need to have Raptivity Web Expert to be able to use the Site Booster Pack. Raptivity Web Expert ships with 10 interactions and is priced at $99.

About Raptivity Web Expert

Raptivity Web Expert is a unique tool for making websites interactive. It is based on the award-winning Raptivity technology. Several site owners have successfully differentiated their websites with interactivity. You can leverage the Raptivity Web Expert pre-built library of interactions to create interactivity rapidly. Each interactivity can be completely customized without any programming. The interactivity is output to a single Flash file which can be easily embedded in your web pages. The content published by Raptivity Web Expert is based on accepted industry standards, easily distributable over the Internet, and does not require any proprietary plug-in.

Danny Gathright from Sierra Pacific Marketing, who showcased their product portfolio using interactivity, says "Raptivity Web Expert is a great product. The final product is a perfect integration of video, audio, pictures and text to capture the attention of viewers. Inserting content into the eBook was a snap."

For more information, visit http://www.raptivity.com/webexpert/

About Harbinger Knowledge Products

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