Guangdong, P.R. China; 07, December 2015: With water saver aerator ceramic cartridge, the faucets developed by Hangzhou Zunqiao Technology can conserve water. The faucets have been designed to be installed in basins, bath tubs, kitchen sinks to save water. People who are more conscious about the environment and conserving important natural resources are highly appreciating these new faucets.

The company spokesperson reveals that they design faucets with a certain level of water pressure that reduces water wastage. They have the bathtub faucet with the ceramic cartridge that has been designed for unlimited times of opening and closing. With a robust structure, the faucet lasts longer and offers a stable performance throughout its lifecycle. This is the reason why people can expect to use faucets year after year and there is hardly any chance of water spillover or wastage. Moreover, these faucets feature rigorous anti-corrosion testing that also gives a guarantee of their long-lasting use.

The company offers a significant bathroom faucet collection with a variety of styles and designs for a customer to choose from. With a great aesthetic appeal, the faucets also come with functional features that enhance the user experience and also promote an efficient use of water in bathrooms. The collection includes faucets with 20L/min water flow for bathrooms, where one can enjoy the shower and can also have a control on the water usage. With CE, ISO, RoHS, ACS standards, the faucets exhibit an excellent anti-rust and anti-oxidation feature.

Customers can also check their brass basin faucet range that has been designed for the modern kitchens. Available in a variety of styles, these basin faucets feature the use of the aerator ceramic cartridge to save water. With nickel and chrome plating, the faucets never lose their natural shine and maintain a stable performance for years. Most of these faucets come with a minimum five year warranty and one can rest assured of their flawless use until the guarantee period.

With amazing designs and robust features of their faucets, Hangzhou Zunqiao Technology helps create modern bathrooms and kitchens where water consumption can be controlled for an effective preservation. To check the different faucets they have, one can visit their website

About Hangzhou Zunqiao Technology Co. Ltd.:

Hangzhou Zunqiao Technology is located in Shuikou, which is known as the Kingdom of Water-Heating and Sanitary Ware in China. The company is a professional sanitary ware manufacturer, with a vast experience in the R&D and production of water taps. They have a leading position in the industry. They provide more than 30 series of products, consisting of over 300 models, including various water taps, basins, bathtubs, bidets and thermostats. The company’s products are exported to Italy, Spain, Russia and South America.

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