Sometimes getting our minds to be focused during crucial times such as an exam, a job interview or before a performance can be difficult and stressful. One easiest and most effective ways to get your mind centred and ready to focus on the task at hand is actually within your hand!

Hand grippers are a compact fitness gadget that is used to improve hand and grip strength. This affordable yet well-known apparatus fits into the palm of your hand with two handles. The mechanism works when you squeeze two handles together instantly engaging several small muscles within your hand, wrist and forearm. So how does this help you to focus?

By doing a simple and repetitive motion with a small muscle group your mind does not need to think too hard about that movement however it is enough to distract your mind and help to ease nerves and as a result make it easier to concentrate.

Various studies around the world have proven that the memory cells are engaged when we do something easy and repetitive with our hands such as squeezing a hand gripper. This is similar to the finding that people seem to recall information better when they take notes by hand.

Supreme Squeeze creators recommend using the hand grippers to not only increase strength and skill but to also squeeze for stress management and to help you to concentrate. For example when you are studying, take a break every few minutes and squeeze a hand grippers to ease your mind and help you to stay focussed.

Other useful hand strengthening tools include stress balls and alternative hand grips. While these work based on the same principal consumer feedback has suggested that they are not as comfortable or effective at controlling the mind.

Granted that we as a society are becoming busier every year keeping not only our body but also our mind in check and performing at its best is more important than ever, for just a few squeezes a day hand grippers seem like a prime solution.