Hand grippers are a grip strengthening tool that has been available on the market for a long time, however with so many benefits from such a small and affordable tool we investigate if the hand gripper is one of the best workout investments you can make.

We have all see the infomercials with exciting new workout inventions which can cost thousands of dollars. However the truth is many of these complex and over priced items are only used for a few weeks or maybe months before the consumer moves on to something different or gets bored of it.

When you compare the benefits of a hand grippers to ‘revolutionary’ new machines such as the Pilates machine they are on par however the costs and practicality of the item are vastly different. The Pilates machine can cost you anywhere between $2000 and $5000 US dollars, meanwhile hand grippers such as the Supreme Squeeze are easily affordable being under $15 US.

So what is so good about a hand gripper?
Hand grippers are designed to enhance your grip and forearm strength, both being valuable areas of fitness for any regular person given that we use our hands for 90% of activities during the day.

What many customers of the Supreme Squeeze like is that it is compact and can easily fit into a bag or a pocket creating a workout that is easy to fit into a busy schedule. Hand grippers have also been proven to lower stress levels in a simular way to stress balls, reduce the chances of a heart attack or arthritis and improve dexterity.

Find the right hand gripper for you?

The best hand grips are the ones that will challenge you but are also durable and are designed to last. We recommend the Supreme Squeeze these recently released hand grippers have a strong resistance and a comfortable foam handle making it comfortable to grip and will not cause abrasions on the hand when you use them.

So you do the math, would you rather spends thousands on a bulky piece of equipment, or just a few dollars on something versatile and small which has proven benefits which anyone can enjoy?