Halo 4, the final installment for the Halo series is regarded to be the most successful part of the Halo franchise. With its release in the year 2012, it was exclusively designed for Xbox 360 console by Microsoft Studios. According to estimation, it was reported that Halo 4 earned $200m million US dollars on the launching day and more than $300 million on the first week of its release.

It has been almost more than 10 years when the first series Halo: Combat Evolved was released. The game has become very successful and now the franchise has started publishing comics, novels, board games and many other trademarked products of the game. With 9 series already released, Halo 4 provides players with high quality graphics, smooth gaming control, and innovative features and functions.

Sources has it that it took almost 3 years to develop Halo 4 as the programmers wanted to give a real challenging and interesting experience to players. Halo 4 has already been sold over 4 million copies and reports have it that a completely new team was formed to develop it. The new team was named as 343 Industries and it started with 20 employees which then expanded to nearly 200. The team consists of a creative director and experts from different studios.

Halo 4 is a video game featuring a classic first person shooter. The background of the game features science fictions to create a distinct and adventurous gaming experience. Players are allowed to switch to third person during use of certain weapons and vehicles.

With Halo 4, Microsoft aims at attracting more players specially those who are addicted to Nintendo and PS. With the popularity of Halo 4 among players, the sale for Xbox 360 has also seen tremendous growth. Interested players can also check for Halo 4 cheat tool to get infinite resources while playing the game. For more information please go to http://halo4cheats.net/

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