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Chicago, IL - October 06, 2010 -- Like many aspects in the art and science of hitting, where you take your stance in the batter‘s box offers as many opinions as there are fans in the ballpark. But, wherever you choose to stand in the box, it‘s an important decision. Some batters prefer standing deep in the box, while others like to be even with the plate, or have their front foot beyond the front of the plate. Another decision is how close you want to be to the plate. Are you a better hitter standing on top of the plate or a few inches, or even a few feet, off of it?

Hall of Fame Major League Baseball player Rod Carew's latest article, "Standing in the Batter's Box," gives his pointers on stance. "My personal advice is to move your back leg along the backline near the inside chalk mark of the box. This will put you deep in the box and close to the plate, enabling you to wait on the pitch. With a flexible front leg, you can adjust to close or open your stance, depending on the pitcher and what he‘s offering," offers Mr. Carew.

"Standing in the Batter's Box" is available for reprint at no cost. It is the latest in a series of hitting articles posted twice monthly at RodCarewBaseball.com. Previous articles have covered everything from how to grip a bat to choosing the right bat.

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