13, May 2015: Hair fall has become a major problem among the male and females of any age group, particularly among the youngsters. Hair transplantation has become a big business nowadays. The specialized surgeons have opened their clinics, offering their services to the victims by providing them with the best consultancy and facilities.

Hair transplantation is not a cheap surgery, one need to spend a lot of money to get their hair transplanted. The cost of hair transplantation depends on many factors. The amount of follicular grafts that are to be transplanted. The number of surgical sessions that are required. Selection of the technique, as there are three techniques FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) and FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and BHT (Body Hair Transplant).FUT is an old technique also known as strip surgery, which is cheaper and less time consuming. The cost of this method ranges between 60,000 to 100,000 for single session. FUE is a latest technique and an expensive one along with much time-consuming surgery, but has more benefits than that of FUT. The cost of this method ranges between 150,000 to 250,000 Pak Rupee. BHT is the most complicated hair restoration surgery, ranging from 200,000 yo 300,00 and may take numerous sessions.

Pakistan is also getting advance by implementing the latest hair transplant techniques to its clients. There are many foreign qualified surgeons who have got their specialized degree from abroad and are working here, providing their best skills and expertise to their clients. The cost of hair transplant is very high in abroad, whereas in Pakistan the cost is much less as compared to the western countries like Australia, USA, Canada and France. Most hair transplant clinics are charging per grafts, the cost of single graft gets multiplied in order to estimate the number of grafts required for the treatment.

As the FUE technique is the latest and most effective one, it is also an expensive surgery. The cost of this surgery is about 5000$ to 8000$, whereas the cost of this treatment in Pakistan is just in thousands from 90 to 100 rupee per graft, charged by the surgeons in Pakistan. As the difference in the cost of the same treatment is very wide and finances are important to all of us, that is why mostly people from abroad visited Pakistan and prefer to get their FUE hair transplant treatment done from here. Western countries give the best medical treatment, but with that the charges too gets doubled. Pakistan for being not much developed country has a lower currency rate making it easy for the foreigners to get their treatment done from here. The people coming from abroad can easily get this treatment by spending even much less than what they would spend abroad. In fact their traveling, tourism and residential chargers can also get cover along with the best treatment by the best doctors in Pakistan.

Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry is a well renowned surgeon with enough before and after photo gallery, patients reviews and testimonials, skilled & qualified with sixteen years experience and proven success stories. When people search for fue hair transplant in Pakistan you will find video testimonials of many foreign patients treated by him.

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