Queries and questions on how to hack a Facebook account are becoming the most searched on the web. According to online reports, thousands of Facebook accounts have been hacked, however, people still sign up with the social networking site to connect with friends. It has been recorded that FB has more than 600 million users and still counting. Hacking Facebook account is no longer difficult, now, even the not so tech savvy people can hack password easily with the help of information provided on the Internet.

Hackfbs.com is a website which provides a complete guide on how to hack Facebook passwords. With users sharing personal details and information, hacking an account means getting to know every detail about that person. There are many cases where either the gf/bf hacks into the other partners account to check if they are being cheated or parents can hack their kids account to check their interest and activities.

The website suggest various types of Facebook hacking and listed phishing, keyloggers, email hacking, and guessing account details as the top 4 ways retrieve password. Phishing is said to be the most common hacking, where it involves creating a fake FB login page and sending it to the victims email account. In keylogger, special software is secretly installed to the victim’s system, which will record every stroke on the keypad. Email hacking and guessing account details is said to be the easiest, however, the hacker should be a close friend of the victim as it needs some personal information of the account holder.

Hacking can be fun and fruitful if done the right way, however, the website warns users of fake hacking tools on the Internet. There are many software online which pose as genuine and ask for certain fees before allowing users to download the file. However, many of this software either do not provide any result or can steal credential information from users system. To avoid being hacked, users are warned not to trust unverified websites. For more information http://hackfbs.com/


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This website provides guides on how to hack Facebook account and retrieve passwords. Interested users can check out and find out the different ways to hack and also learn how to stay safe online.

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