H2O Wireless , a major provider of affordable cell phone service plans was recently recognized as a leader in providing cell phone service to consumers who need cheap plans. Traditionally cell phone service providers structured their plans to offer the best and most reliable service to those who could afford to pay for the most expensive service plans, but H2O is unique in that the company offers some very affordable packages that offer some of the same levels of service usually only found in more expensive programs.

Recently, H2O Wireless was profiled on a website that analyzes and discusses the major cell phone providers available to consumers on a fixed budget or in need of subsidized cell service. The analysis revealed that H2O Wireless is quickly becoming known as one of the top cell phone providers in the United States primarily because even their basic plan which starts at around $40 is filled with some of the best features including unlimited calling and texting. Subscribers are using words like “consumer friendly” to describe the company and that is music to the owner’s ears.

A further analysis of the H2O Wireless plans indicate that there are five main reasons that the company is considered a top cell phone provider. First, as mentioned, the plans are extremely affordable and offer unlimited calls and generous text and web services. Second, H2) has the largest GSM network covered. The service is powered by American Wireless and users can be assured that they will have excellent service no matter where they are in the United States. The third and very significant reason for H2O’s popularity is that the service is compatible with all iPhones. That alone has driven many consumers to this service. Equally important is reason number four; there are no hidden fees in the plans and finally subscribers are not bound by any contract of service.

Taken together, these five features add up to a very compelling reason to choose H20 Wireless as a service provider and as the analysis points out; many consumers are doing that on a daily basis. Those who want to learn more about the H2O Wireless plans can visit a dedicated Wireless Gov Phone website that analyzes the H2O Wireless plan as well as others. This helpful site also lets visitors read reviews of the H2O Wireless plans and contact an expert for more information -http://www.wirelessgovphone.com/