Much of the world's water systems are inadequate or crumbling from age. Around the world, billions are spent each year to build or repair water and wastewater systems. Yet, there has been no place where utilities could announce their contract opportunities and be assured that interested vendors could find them. Until now.
• Is the only website dedicated exclusively to water and wastewater contract opportunities from all over the world. gets water and wastewater contract opportunities from every state in America and every continent in the world.
• Has the largest and most comprehensive database of water and wastewater projects in the world and it is growing larger every day. No other website gives vendors the ability to receive free email alerts of water and wastewater contract opportunities from around the world, immediately after they are placed in our system.
• Allows companies to easily search water and wastewater projects by product code, location, or category, to quickly locate the best possible contract opportunities in the world. We also have a color-coded display of contract opportunities, to allow companies to quickly see the contract opportunities that are expiring soon.
• Provides RSS Feeds to websites with updated summaries of the water and wastewater postings on
• Helps all users keep track of contract opportunities by storing them in personal folders on our site.
By creating an efficient and immediate method of posting and finding the world's water and wastewater contract opportunities, is helping water and wastewater utilities provide worldwide access to their contract opportunities, get better value for lower prices, and reduce the need for constant water and wastewater rate increases.

Headquartered in Detroit, Michigan, the land of the Great Lakes, is committed to helping the world meet the need for safe and viable water and wastewater systems through immediate access to services and products, the efficient use of procurement resources, and open competition for contract opportunities.

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