H. Jameson has just created a new video on how losing 80 pounds gets easier with a daily workout early in the morning.

Hj. Knew that for most of the women it is easier to exercise early in the morning. Also, she knew that the women that wait till the evening to exercise don’t have enough energy left, and feel tired and most of the times they postpone the workout for the next day.

One of HJ’s successful actions to lose 80 pounds and one that has helped over 10.000 women get in shape was to exercise daily, so she decided to prove all women that if they workout each morning, they will accelerate their weight loss.

So she asked 10 women to change their workout time to 7 am instead of after 4 pm, when they used to exercise. Even though in the begging it was hard for all these women to wake up 30 minutes earlier, in the end they managed to do an early morning workout 23 days on a row.

They all felt great because they have more free time in the afternoon to stay with their kids or to take a nap. And the best part was the fact that they all had more enrgy throughout the day and all of them lost one pound more avery week, just because they exercised in the morning.

Even though HJ hasn’t figured out why fat loss is done faster if people change the workout time to an hour early in the morning, she decided to make this video. She knew that if one person can lose 1 pounds more each week, they can lose 80 pounds of fat and become really sexy faster.

After the early morning workout she recommend a shake made as raw as possible. Foods like almond milk, blueberries, hemp seed, spinach or whey powder should be all mixed in a protein shake and drunk right after. This wa the muscles get the food they need for a fast recovery.

For those who want to go ahead and watch her video, they can simply click on this url https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NQ5vFGMplJo

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