H. Jameson has just created a new video about the power of perseverance for weight loss and how it is key for losing 40 pounds

Hj realized that one of the best ways to lose weight and to keep it off is to create a set of new behaviors and to follow them each and every day for as long as it is possible. Because she knew that this can only be done through perseverance, she decided to create a video, but before that she wanted to test a few ways to ensure that the people who will watch her video will be able to follow the tips.

Most of the people are not perseverant at all, and because of this most of them fail in life. So HJ realize that the only way she could help women lose weight was to help them become perseverant.

She started to read a few books about this topic, and she realized that one of the easiest way to persevere in losing 40 pounds is to do the same healthy actions for 21 consecutive days, because this will create a new behavior in that person’s mind, and after 21 days this new behavior will lead to a massive weight loss of 40 or even 80 pounds of fat.

So, HJ created a diet plan and a set of exercises for her subscribers to follow. She wanted them to get accustomed with easy exercises and with a low calorie diet as this could have been quite easy to follow.

So, she emailed all her subscribers and asked them to be really focused on this for at least 21 days and to keep on going at least for another 3 weeks after the first 21 days, and to let her know if they lost 40 pounds in 40 days, and if these new habits were easier for them to follow.

After 4 weeks, she started to receive a lot of emails from the women who were following the routine she created for them. They were all saying that it was really to follow and that all of them were having more energy than they used to have.

One of tem even said that she has never been perseverant in her life, but now because she was perseverant for 21 days, because she wanted to lose at least 40 pounds for her wedding, it became a second nature of her and she was wondering why she has never done something like this before.

After she made this video about how to lose weight easier, even more women started to become perseverant and this made HJ really happy.

For the women who have to lose at least 40 pounds and they want to be 100 % sure that they will be able to do it, here’s her video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHnk_CS9vCQ

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