H. J has just launched a new facebook page about weight loss and dieting for women . Here new facebook page is filled with tones of great fat reducing tips designed for women.

HJ has just created a series of weight loss videos on youtube, videos which has already helped thousands of women. Her videos are designed to help them lose from 10 lbs in a week, up to 100 pounds in 6 months or more, and since women have been known for dieting and exercising in a wrong way for the last few years, her videos were such a relieve for most women, because they have all been dieting like men.

Because all these women dieted and exercised like men, they were still fat, and they almost didn’t lose a pound in the last few weeks, and because of all these reasons HJ was really loved of youtube, and even google.

But HJ wanted to help the women that are on facebook and spent most of their online time in this social network. It has been known that more women can be found on facebook that on youtube, and while on facebook, women are more likely ot read articles related to their health.

So, HJ created her new facebook page and named it How to lose weight fast - losing fat for women and already a few thousand women have liked the page and loved the content HJ posted in there.

Some of the things HJ really wanted to do through her new facebook page, was speaking about exercises that can help women lose weight. She has even created a new video about jumpin jacks, squats and lunges and she posted the video on the page.

She loved these exercises because even though they are focused on the lower body, they are proven to help women lose belly fat and even arm fat, while at the same time making the thighs toned and thinner.

Because Facebook has become a great search engine in the past, HJ’s new facebook page can be easilu found for the keywords: How to lose weight fast for women, and for the women who because of bad luck aren’t able to find it tiping these axact words in the facebook search bar, here is the url they should check: https://www.facebook.com/HowToLoseWeightFastForWomen.FatLossTips

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