H. J. has created a new facebook page about how to lose 20 pounds fast and lose the first 10 lbs in a week

She decided to finally create this new facebook page because she saw that the most important aspect of a weight loss journey was the starting point. She saw thousands of women who lost the hope of losing weight just because they have not lost any pounds in the first few days of their weight losss routine.

And because her youtube video about how to lose 20 pounds was really popular and already hundreds of women have posted comments about how much it helped them, HJ wanted to create the same bzz on facebook.

So, she created her new facebook page called How To Lose 20 Pounds Fast for women.

She wanted to call it related to losing 10 pounds, but she quickly changed her mind because she realized that if a woman can lose 20 pounds in the first month, she will feel so great and will be so fill with energy that in the near future she will surely lose more than 30 pounds in the nest 3 months.

And since most women who live in USA and are overweight have about 50 pounds to lose, so by using this system to lose the first 20 pounds in the first month, and then losing the next 30 pounds in 3 months, they would lose all that extra fat and they would become healthy and fit.

So, she named her facebook page closely related to losing 20 pounds and shared the page with all her friends.

Because Facebook is so popular and everybody loves health tips, her page has immediately been appreciated by he women who visited it. Also, because these women were very happy with the info HJ shared on her page, they shared the page on their timeline and lots of women even commented to the posts.

Because HJ’s system for losing 20 pounds in a month and faster is based on eating raw foods daily, exercising 2 times per week and drinking lots of water, all women who started her regimed after having found about it on facebook, were able to complete it and achieve results quite easily.

To meet the women that lost weight this way, simply check the women who liked HJ’s facebook page, and for the women who want to visit the page, they can simply use this url https://www.facebook.com/HowToLose20PoundsForWomen

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