Guukle, a 24-month old website dedicated to providing free advice and guidance for people looking for jobs, starting over, aiming to change careers or starting a new business, is celebrating its recent achievement of attracting 100,000 customers since its launching, a huge leap from the former visitor amount of 1,500 in its first few months.

The first month saw around 900 visitors, but the second month saw a great change with it welcoming 3,100 people in total. In the short span of just 24 months, Guukle managed to welcome well more than 100,000 people without doing much really, as the site concentrated its efforts on building and adding value to it. 15% are returning visitors and as a way of showing their gratitude, Guukle aims to provide real value to all of the people spending time with them.

While the number may not be huge compared to other knowledge-based service providers in the education, career and job niche, the best thing about the whole situation is that Guukle was able to achieve it without any kind of marketing. People search and find them and they stay. Besides sending social signals to popular platforms, Guukle has not even started promoting itself. People find the site through word of mouth and search and the enormous growth in the number of people visiting them just cheers Guukle on to keep going, adding more value and growing. The site is all about providing key value to targeted visitors and ensuring the satisfaction of those that seek specific advice, knowledge and information. Guukle wants to provide what people are searching for when they come to the site, all of this for free.

Guukle aims for stronger growth, more visitors and more interaction with people visiting them. They would like their visitors to tell them what improvements can be made so that they can provide just that. Given the site’s very limited resources right now, some funding support would of course be welcomed and appreciated. As of now, Guukle plans to keep going the way they’re going as it seems they are taking the right path. offers free advice and guidance for people seeking jobs, starting a new company, wanting to change careers or just aiming to start over. The site also provides educational advice, with a particular focus on post-graduates and colleges. Guukle’s strives to bring value to people wanting to have success in whatever the career they choose.

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Contact: Lucas Bowen
Address: Portland, Oregon, US
Company: Guukle