Roof racks come in all shapes and sizes and vans also come in different shapes and sizes. Combine the two and you will find a large variation in form of van roof racks. Whether you require one for your own personal use or for use in your business, you are bound to find an appropriate roof rack for your needs. Designs range from simple cross bars to more complicated designs for more specific needs. Made from strong metals, these van racks can carry a wide variety of unconventionally shaped cargo. Anything from long ladders to bulky boats can be transported on this equipment.


Van roof racks are made out of metal to make them durable and able to carry heavy loads. The type of metal used varies as per the preference of the manufacturer. Sometimes steel is used as it makes a strong and sturdy roof rack. A round steel pipe is allows for a heavier load and since the weight of the load is distributed evenly over the round pipe it does not allow extra strain on certain points. In addition to this, the round shape is more aerodynamic, reducing the drag while driving. Some van racks use aluminum because it is lighter and more resistant to rust and damage.


A simple design of van racks comprises of just two or three crossbars. Depending on the weight and shape of the load that will be carried, more number of crossbars can be added to the existing design. These cross bars can be completely flat or they can include a perpendicular bar at each end to prevent the load from sliding off the top of the van. Some van roof racks include two holes or rope hooks per crossbar for threading rope through. In this way a load can be easily and securely tied onto the van, meaning you can carry your bicycle or your raft along easily.


More complicated designs of van roof racks include cargo rack rollers, perimeter racks, drop down racks and cargo carrier racks. Cargo rack rollers consist of a roller bar at the rear of the van that allows a load to slide onto the van roof rack without damaging the cargo or the roof rack. Perimeter racks are van racks where the cross bars are fully connected and secured to form a perimeter around the roof rack. While drop down racks can be pulled down the side of the van for loading or unloading, cargo carrier racks are ideal for carrying a multitude of oddly shaped cargo.


Although most minivans come standard with a roof rack, this is not all the choice that a buyer has. The range of van roof racks available for minivans and HHR vans is just as varied and extensive. Just about anything that you can find for a cargo van would be available and applicable for a smaller model van too. There is now no reason not to use a minivan for transporting all your equipment. Ladders, lumber, pipes and conduits can all fit on top of a minivan or HHR van courtesy of van racks where there may not have been enough length within for storing such things.


Whether you are using a large cargo van or a small minivan, you will have many types of van racks to choose from. Before you can know what kind of van roof rack to get, you need to have an idea of what you will need to transport and how often you need to transport it. You also need to consider how difficult it will be to load or unload and if you will require a more complicated design to assist with this. Another consideration is the shape of the load because flat and straight loads only need two or three crossbars on van roof racks while a more complicated shape may need additional bars.



Van roof racks are exactly what you need if you are an adventurist at heart and looking for ways to carry your equipment with you. Of course with many different types of van racks available, acquiring education pertaining to this product is definitely recommended.