17, July 2015: RFID Signal Safe, a company based in Sacramento that specializes in products that protect against digital pickpocketing, has designed a Money Clip to help consumers protect their credit cards RFID skimming, and themselves against potential identity theft.

Nick Cocchiola, spokesperson for RFID Signal Safe explains: "RFID skimming is a form of digital theft. It is typically achieved at a distance by someone operating a cheap RFID reader device which scans and downloads the information contained in the RFID chip/s of a target person’s credit card/s. The information is then duplicated and can be written to a new blank card, which works in the same manner as the original legitimate card. As the data is identical on both cards, it makes no difference if the original data is encrypted or not."

He further added, "We have designed our Money Clip to help consumers protect themselves from credit card fraud and identity theft. Many credit cards, drivers’ licenses, transit cards, company identification cards, and all passport cards have an embedded RFID chip. These chips allow vendors to scan your credit card quickly at the checkout, and allow authorities to scan your ID or passport card from a distance, making border crossings a little faster. Conversely, it makes stealing your identity a whole lot easier. With our Money Clip consumers have peace of mind knowing they cannot be electronically pickpocketed while going about their business."

The Money Clip from RFID Signal Safe has six credit card slots. It is attractively styled from genuine imported leather and uses only the best RFID shielding material. The company also offers RFID blocking wallets.

RFID skimming has been demonstrated as far back as 2008 however the exact levels of theft are difficult to determine as victims usually do not know how their credit card or identity data was compromised. Protect your digital information today with the wallet or money clip from RFID Signal Safe. Both items are available on Amazon, and the Money Clip is currently on sale for the reduced price of $25.95.

About RFID Signal Safe:

RFID Signal Safe is dedicated to helping consumers protect their identity and finances with products that protect their credit and debit card numbers and expiration dates from being stolen.

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