China, June 23, 2014: Hardware engineering is all about precision irrespective of the industry to which the product pertains. Guangzhou Klarm Precision is a CNC Machining China company that provides CNC precision engineering as well as various other services. It provides CNC drilling, OD grinding, ID grinding, sinker EDM, wire EDM, CNC turning and CNC milling services to sports equipment, mechanical components, plastic mould, communication, medical devices, automotive and electronics industries. The company manufactures automobile parts, jigs and fixtures, tooling parts and machine parts for its clientele in Asia, Europe and North America. Gree, Midea, Guangri, Tupperware, Toyota and Huawei are some of the notable customers of Klarm.

The wide range of CNC machining services China offered by Klarm Precision Machining caters to spectra of industries. The company provides various machining processes such as CNC cutting service, wire EDM services, surface tapping and grinding, CNC turning and CNC milling. EDM wire cutting and sinker EDM services have increasing relevance and significance in manufacturing of small batches of components and parts with close tolerance. The company can machine most of the production material such as nylon, ABS, bronze, copper, brass, steel and aluminium. It specialises in rapid and affordable machining of complex parts with consistent good-quality results. All phases of manufacturing are carried out by the company at its own site.

Machine tools, sports goods, medical devices, optical communication, electronics, motorcycle and automotive industries use the CNC machined parts China by Klarm. Its services have high degree of precision and its main products are precision grinding components, wire EDM cutting parts, CNC milling parts and precision components. The company can make precision machined parts of brass, iron, copper, aluminium, stainless steel and steel. From designing through manufacturing and fabrication to installation, all the phases are carried out at one site in order to ensure quality that is up to the expectation of customers.

Klarm Precision Machining services also include CNC milling, which is a rapidly and precisely removes materials in all dimensions to render the desired shape to the parts. The CNC milling capabilities of CNC machining China company encompass various requirements such as custom milling, high-speed milling, face milling, bench-top milling, Bridgeport milling, horizontal milling and vertical milling. The company can process most of the metals and hard plastics such as ABS, PTFE, carbon fibre, fibreglass, polystyrene, acrylic, polycarbonate, acetal, nylon, sterling silver, titanium, bronze, brass, carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminium and iron. It provides impressive customer service to answer every query of potential customers.

About Klarm Precision Machining:


Klarm Precision Machining was established in 2005 and is located at Jiangcheng Road in Shiji Town of Panyu District. It carries out full cycle of development at its site in Guangzhou. Its employees are well versed with English. The company equates time with money and quality with life.