China; 08, May 2015: Fluid couplings come into use for various mechanical tasks. It is almost a must have in ports industry, cement industry, ceramic industry, coal industry, mining industry, power plant, etc. GuangZhou Hydraulic Transmission Equipment Co. Ltd is involved in the production and distribution of variety of fluid couplings. It includes the YOX series and YOTc series of constant filling and variable speed couplings.

Fluid coupling is useful in improving the starting ability of squirrel cage motor. It also shortens the beginning time and lowers the start current at start up. It helps in preventing overload and protecting the motor and working machine from overload damages. It will lower the shock and vibration during start up and guarantees start up of single motor with multi-motor drive system. This simple structure ensures reliable operation, no mechanical wear and no special maintenance. It has the ability to bear extreme conditions.

The variable speed coupling products also come with different benefits for the user. Start up time of the working machine may be set as per the running condition. With this fluid coupling, stepless speed regulation can be made to working machine for achieving high speed accuracy and good energy saving result. Automation control, remote control, and manual control at site may be realized to working machine. It isn’t sensitive to atmospheric temperature and allows easy heat dissipation.

GuangZhou Hydraulic Transmission Equipment Co. Ltd is a hydraulic coupling manufacturer. It has a series of advanced equipments and machinery with strong technical force. One of the Hua Du General Group subsidiaries, it has an accounted capital of 20 million yuan. It is spread over an area of 38000 square metres with 200 staff and equipped with variety of advanced production equipment. All the products go through multiple stages of quality testing before reaching the customers.

Many fluid couplings spare parts like oil seal, SKF bearings, plum pad, pulley wheel, durable fusible plug, brake wheel and hexagon socket screw are also available. GuangZhou Hydraulic believes in providing quality products at competitive prices as per customized specifications of customers. The products of the company ensure stable anti-corrosion, simplistic mechanical and electrical integration, sensitivity, security, and more professional. GuangZhou Hydraulic has received several kinds of certifications of authenticity.

The China based is a private joint venture and has serviced several sectors. It includes power plants, steel and iron plants, coals industry, mining industry, ceramic industry, ports industry and others. Clients of the company range from small scale enterprises to large scale enterprises. It has a global presence which is almost unparalleled in this sector.

About GuangZhou Hydraulic Transmission Equipment Co. Ltd:

GuangZhou Hydraulic offers the customers with a wide range of fluid couplings suitable for a variety of machinery. It comes with constant fill fluid coupling, variable speed fluid coupling, fluid coupling spare parts and voith co-operation. Visit the website for more information on the products and services offered.

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