China; 11, April 2015: Fire accidents can happen anywhere and it is always better to take proper precautionary measures before such incidents happen. Guangdong Senje Protection Group provides variety of fire controlling items at an affordable price rate. The fire extinguisher items of the company have been developed by experts and are available at cost effective rates. The most popular category consists of Abc fire extinguisher and This extinguisher can be kept in library, cafe shops, food centres, cinema halls and other places. It is light and can be operated easily. It contains chemical components called monoammonium phosphate and can effectively extinguish fire belong to A, B and C categories. It cannot be used to extinguish fire that arises out of any chemical reaction. It can be used to control fire that arises from inflammable items and non metallic products like wood and paper.

Water mist fire extinguisher is another fire checking item. It is an ideal item to extinguish fire that happens because of electrical short circuit. It consists of good amount of liquid carbon foam which is a bad conductor of electricity. As a result users do not get any shock or injury while preventing fire from electric current. It can be easily squeezed to press out the substance stored inside of it. The cylinder is quite light and easy to carry. Its price is quite affordable and is ideal for every domestic household. There are many fire controlling sprays that are out in the market. These sprays can be carried any place like shopping, theatre and mall to prevent oneself from the clutches of fire. It contains carbon foams with certain other chemicals and is available at an affordable price rate.

It also sells firefighting motorcycle to the fire department of the different provinces. These motorcycles have decent speed to reach any spot on time. It contains 1 set of hand carried water pump, a special water gun, hose pipes and a four meter water pipe. This product has good demand in international market where leading fire service agencies have purchased it large quantities. These items are easy to drive and contain good tyres that can run smoothly in any road. Other products primarily include devices that help to detect the presence of fire quite easily.

Information of all the products is mentioned in the company websites. All these products are clinically approved before being launched in the markets. No harmful chemicals are present in these cylinders. The firm takes back defective items and replace it with the new one. It never reveals the order information of the users and prevents their personal information sincerely. It accepts payment through electronic credit card and confirms the delivery of the product within a fixed deadline.

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Guangdong Senje Fire Protection Group supplies various fire fighting equipments. Its products have received good response from the clients all over the world. Products contain no harmful components help to extinguish fire quite easily. Users can log on its site for more information.

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