22, December 2015: Another phenomenal game known as World of Mo-A Three-Dimensional Puzzle Platform Game will surely captivate the attention and interest of lots of gamers. This is an exclusive video game which walks away from the typical controls and conventional settings and an exciting game that will surely provide gamers with hours of extraordinary gameplay. Players control the robots via typed commands on keyboard and the RobotOSv12 exclusive operating system.

Some individuals who are not really into online video games might think that playing is only a waste of time. But with World of Mo video and puzzle game, they will surely change their mind and choose to engage. When individuals try this game, they may realize that this is actually not bad for them. It seems that increased numbers of individuals are expected to get hooked with this video game for personal pleasure or as medium of entertainment. Gamers will also be attached and engaged with the game’s emotional and mental buttons. The creation of this game is indeed a new explosion in the world of video games.

As expected, World of Mo will then become a way of life and an intrinsic part of the gaming culture. People play for the reason that they wanted to have temporary escape from disappointments and responsibilities in real life. With World of Mo’s exciting and interesting game features, individuals might just choose this game and indulge in a new and fun-filled experience. On a good note, this game surely has positive impacts on people.

There are many aspects about World of Mo that gamers will surely love such as accessibility and playability. Aside from this video game, the very first rule in almost all online games is the accessibility to users. This does not just means gamers being able to play on their desktop PC, laptop or Smartphone. This means that the game itself is easy to access and gives users ultimately enjoyable gaming experience. In the case of World of Mo, the accessibility of this game is astonishing.

In terms of playability, World of Mo can be enjoyed by any gamer and suited even for beginners. This is one of the best video games with unrivalled degree of playability. This game rewards players’ efforts and even goes to great lengths to keep players enthralled and interested. However, mastering the game makes up a completely rewarding effort.

The game is almost finished and Grumpy Turtle Media is excited to share and offer this to all the gamers out there. However, they need some help to completely finish World of Mo. With an aim of raising funds, Grumpy Turtle Media launched this project on Kickstarter. The company has come really far and individuals’ help is essentially needed to finish everything up.

Those who will make their pledge will make themselves entitled for an exclusive copy of the finally game the moment it has been released. Grumpy Turtle Media does not have a solid plan regarding their methods of distribution but despite this, they promised to give them a DRM-free copy for Linux, Mac and Windows.

Though many individuals clearly understand the reasons behind raising funds for the completion of this game, there are still those who are wondering why Grumpy Turtle Media is in need of money considering the fact that the game is almost close to completion. The reason is that, when the company started to work on this The World of Mo video game, they intended to work with this as small project but in the course of development, they have received overwhelming and positive feedbacks that triggered the company to change its plans. Grumpy Turtle Media decided to bring this game into a top quality finished game.

However, it cannot be denied that releasing this game requires money and Grumpy Turtle Media funds are not enough to cover this project. By means of individuals’ generous pledges, the company will be able to deal and go towards the business costs including licensing and all other expenses, design works and 3D models, polish and improvement which also cover making the game the best as it can be.

The company is well aware that launching a project like this is associated with challenges and risks. The exact completion time is also hard to predict not to mention the changing requirements that everyone involved in this project will have to face. However, the risks are somehow reduced. There has been a pre-alpha demo that can be play as soon as this project is successfully funded. Grumpy Turtle Media is very positive that launching this project on Kickstarter is a smart option that can bring this game into real completion.

For those looking for further information about this Kickstarter project or those who wanted to make their generous pledges, feel free to visit https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/worldofmo/world-of-mo-a-3d-player-puzzle-platform-game-in-sp.

For Media Contact:
Contact: Sam Hermans
Company: Grumpy Turtle Media
Phone Number: +32 474 82 39 74
Website: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/worldofmo/world-of-mo-a-3d-player-puzzle-platform-game-in-sp