04, April 2015: 

WordPress has roughly 3,000 themes. 

Most are inadequate. 

Some capsize when viewed on a smartphone. Others look as fancy and unnavigable as a Picasso painting. Some rely on sliders and gimmicks instead of rich content. Most sacrifice practicality for vanity, conversions for appearance. 

And then, thankfully, there are Thrive Themes

Thrive Themes were built, ground up, with the intent to sell. Designed with the small business owner in the crosshairs, Thrive Themes focus on speed, readability and lead generation. Landing pages, sales pages, thank-you pages, email confirmation pages — Thrive Themes have it all.

Thrive Themes Overview

As of March, 2015, there are nine Thrive Themes. Highlights include:

Storied: A hybrid blog-business website with an emphasis on multimedia presentation.
MiNus A minimalist marketing website consisting of bold, beautiful typography and lots of white space.
Performag: A magazine-style website optimized for user engagement, social shares and advertisement revenue.

The themes are as capable as their webmasters. In the hands of the Internet “noob,” a Thrive Theme can be the microwaveable dinner version of a WordPress website. Plug n’ play, that sort of thing. Yet in the hands of a code freak, a Thrive Theme can be a versatile template, a canvas upon which a web designer can add and subtract elements as needed. 

Lead Generation 

Browsing the Internet is like strolling through a carnival thoroughfare. Snake-oil salesmen stand hip-to-hip with fair-minded sellers, and every single one is hawking this and that. Traffic is not enough; a visitor must beconverted into a customer. 

Thrive Themes uses every trick in the digital playbook to bend site visitors to its will. 

1. Landing pages. What is a landing page? It is a proven conversion tool, accessed by a hyperlink on a website. The landing page is without headers, sidebars and other distracting navigational elements. It is a call-to-action, a prompt, one that immediately boosts marketing ROI. Using the Thrive Page Generator, a web owner can create, in a few clicks, all of the following landing pages: 

- Lead Pages
- Video Sales Pages
- Confirmation Pages
- Welcome Pages
- Download Pages

2. Audience engagement. Using Thrive Themes Content Builder, a web owner can insert call-to-actions and prompts like a “Click to Tweet” box, responsive videos, an embedded Google Map, a countdown timer, a “Buy It Now” button and more. 

3. Event Manager The Thrive Themes Event Manager empowers the website owner to add a pop-up anywhere on the site. When a user clicks a button or hovers over an element, a pop-up appears to a link, button or image. The web owner has full control over the process. He can add animation, specify duration, customize the pop-up content and so forth. It’s a great way to capture customers as they exit the website. 

Built-In Features

More Internet users browse the web on mobile devices rather than desktop computers. A successful website must fluidly “respond” to any screen size and any operating system. These “responsive” websites are standard fare through Thrive Themes. 

Thrive Themes also come with built-in Google fonts (over 600), automatic image compression to reduce load times, WooCommerce plug-in compatibility, social share buttons and so forth. These features eliminate the need for weighty plug-ins that otherwise would drag down the site’s performance. 

Page Content Builder 

Any Thrive Theme can be used as a standalone website. Web owners don’t have to do their own plumbing. For those who care to, Thrive Themes offers the talents of a professional web designer wrapped inside one standard feature, also available as a plug-in: the Thrive Themes Content Builder. Its’ a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) format editor. 

Content Builder requires no coding skills. It uses an intuitive drag-n-drop interface to edit existing pages or create new ones. It can insert a customer testimonial in nine different formats, an opt-in form, a 100 percent money-back guarantee, a pricing table and anything in between. Designers can also insert their own custom HTML and CSS. 

Custom pages without code. Beautiful pages out of the box. Customer conversions. Thrive Themes offers the full suite of business tools that marketers and entrepreneurs need to succeed on the web. Like Sparta’s valiant 300, its nine themes out-perform and out-sell the other 3,000. 

– Peter Bakker
Internet marketer