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Radio Dalam 9E, Jakarta (March, 2011) - Griyatekno.com has won high esteem and honor by vending out exemplary building technology products. From fingerprint reader, RFID reader, metal detector, audio/video door phone, access control package to electric lock; this company can provide you with all and more. This security webstore is a hub to accommodate the needs of business to consumer and as well as needs of business to business. For business to consumer this company offers a huge variety of building technology products from various vendors so that their client can compare and get the best deal and for business to business they reconcile with reseller vendor/contractor/integrator.

http://www.griyatekno.com undoubtedly knows the ins and outs of building technology products after all they are regarded as the best place to buy them. This company was designed as forum for cooperation between the parties - parties- related to the business technology products building. From automation, security, lighting to audio; Griyatekno.com offers products for all. Their fingerprint reader collection includes products like magic pass compact time attendance, magic pass fingerprint access control, magic plus attendance system, nitgen fingerprint access control, nitgen fingerprint doorlock and more. Their RFID reader collection includes products like easiprox proximity reader, entrypass proximity reader, proximity access control package, proximity thick card, proximity thin card and more. Their audio/video door phone collection includes products like aiphone door phone, commax audio door phone, commax handsfree video door phone, commax video door phone, video door phone intercom B/W and video door phone intercom color. Their access control package collection includes products like proximity access control package, rosslare 2 doors package, rosslare 4 doors package, trimec 2 doors package and trimec 4 doors package. Their electric lock collection includes products like doorstrike fail safe, doorstrike fail secure, dropbolt with U bracket, magnetic lock 300 with ZL bracket, magnetic lock 600 with ZL bracket, securitron magnalock and universal trimec doorstrike.

Client contentment is very important to Griyatekno.com that is why it offers product warranties. If in an unlikely event the product you pick up does not conform to the specifications then you can return it for a full refund. Griyatekno.com accepts payment by bank transfer or you can pay in place as well. Products are dispatched immediately after the payment is received.

Griyatekno.com has a great deal of know-how in the field of technology products building. No doubt Griyatekno.com is so recommended.

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