When most people take a taxi, reliability, price and the quality of the cab all come to mind.  Bend, Oregon's GreenCab of Oregon recently announced their grand opening offering all of these things plus high level amenities and even a “on time or twice your money back” guarantee.  Early customers have responded with enthusiasm.

May 1, 2015 -- Finding a better way to take a taxi in Bend, Oregon, in many people's opinion recently became much more simple with the recent launch of GreenCab of Oregon.  The new company is breaking with trends and presenting a cab riding experience that is reliable, affordable, safe, environmentally friendly and stacked with amenities.  The company has even gone so far as to offer a “on time or twice your money back” guarantee — something unheard of in Bend, Oregon or many other places at all.

“We're very happy to be offering our services in Bend and looking forward to exceeding expectations,”  commented a spokesperson from GreenCab of Oregon.  “Our cars are spacious, clean and you can count on us to be their when you need us.”

The company is founded and led by long term Bend resident Adam Apalategui.

According to the company some of the benefits of using their “green” cabs include:  the exclusive “on time or double the money back” promise; new, non-smoking, Prius V's;  free WiFi and additional charging ports onboard;  clean, professional and interesting drivers;  online and in app booking; and even free use of a top rated child seat.

The GreenCab of Oregon office is located at 500 SW Bond Street, Suite 151 Bend Oregon 97702.

The company is always happy to offer only drivers who have passed background, drug and driving tests to ensure the safety of their valued clients.

Reviews from customers have been complete endorsements.

A recent five star review on Yelp remarked, “Adam was very nice and helpful getting me there quickly at a flat rate for long ride. Nice cab, great service and would definitely use again!”

For more information be sure to visit http://www.bendgreencab.com or call 541-705-2002.