Hospital administrators have an incredibly difficult job since not only are they going to have to deal with the day to day activities of managing a hospital, but that means they are also responsible for tackling the finances that come with managing a hospital as well. Hospitals are responsible for housing a number of different pieces of equipment, equipment that is not easy to come by and also very expensive. Because of how expensive the equipment can be, it requires a great deal of management, as obviously hospitals are going to have to have multiple pieces of certain equipment, but at the same time they need to make sure that they don't purchase too much of any one piece of equipment since that is money that could go elsewhere.

Not every piece of equipment in a hospital is going to be a huge type of machinery that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars though. For example,  hospital gowns  are always going to be in high demand since so many patients are going to need to use them at any given time.  Hospital clothes for patients  are usually very easy to purchase because there are a number of different companies, some local and some online which can provide hospitals with any number of clothing. This includes hospital gowns, but also hospital shoes as well. Hospital clothing isn't just for patients either, as doctors are going to have their own outfits and nurses and other workers will need multiple pairs of scrubs.

Thankfully for administrators, purchasing outfits is much easier then some of the other pieces of equipment commonly found in hospitals. Outfits are very reasonably priced, and on top of that hospitals will be purchasing them in bulk, with many companies providing discounts or at the very least free shipping for these large orders.

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